There is no Silver Bullet, One Click Magic, or any other
Business B.S. for you here! This is
for Business Builders who know Work and
Success go Hand In Hand.

That warning given . . . Imagine being able to plan, implement, and celebrate your business growth hand in hand with other experienced, knowledgeable entrepreneurs. You can be in a powerful group of ten supported with radio interviews, live events, two virtual summits, and a monthly master mind plus a host of other business building benefits.

Let me ask a couple of questions to see if this is a fit for you.

2023 is drawing nigh. If we were to meet New Year's Eve 2024, what has to happen during the coming year for you to feel happy about your progress?

What are the biggest dangers you must face, and overcome, to achieve that progress?

What are your biggest opportunities to focus on and capture in achieving your progress?

Which strengths do you need to reinforce and maximize, and what currently lacking skills and resources do you need to develop, to capture those opportunities?

Think how much easier it will be to face and overcome those dangers in an understanding, encouraging, highly accountable group of experienced business owners. People who can help you explore your opportunities and discover new ones. Entrepreneurial thinkers to expand the skills available, multiply resources, and build on your strengths.

I know it's unusual to suggest this, but perhaps it's worth taking a few minutes to answer those questions. It's certainly worth it to me for you to take that time. Having answers to those questions is definitely helpful in deciding whether we have a fit.

Business Builder's Elite (BBE)

This is my Return to Action after walking away from marketing and publishing in 2012. You could say I pulled my own version of a Dave Chappelle. I had reached a peak of personal and business success. I went from being a single author living in Toronto (4 million people) to being married, father to three pre-teen children, and living just outside a small, rural town in Illinois. It was November, 2012. I had just returned from a conference with a full client roster, $265,000 in first year billings, and an idea for a new book series. I had achieved my dream life.

Then that dream was torn away. My wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on November 13. Three days later I discovered she had built a completely separate life without me. My lifelong dream of having a family was gone.

Like Dave Chappelle, I was hurt and chose going back to Toronto. I dived into finding healing, learning, and personal growth. Ten years invested in learning with Jack Canfield, studying Choice Theory, and building a strong, positive self-image. That study and reflection resulted in a certainty, a conviction, that we need a tad bit less coaching, less motivation and inspiration, and a shovel full of direction and implementation.

That conviction, mixed with decades of experience, nine published books, two best sellers, one phenomenal flop, and a wealth of experience guiding families and business owners to success, has grown into Business Builder’s Elite. A program filled with implementation and direction for growing your business.

Naturally I want to do everything possible to make Business Builder's Elite (BBE) successful. For my part, I am updating two best sellers, finishing a workbook, designing a system to collect stories for the Getting Happy series, and organising this project. My only question is whether you are ready to take action.

As you’ll see below, Business Builder's Elite has events throughout 2023 starting in February. But the benefits listed start in December 2022 and run until December 2023. Some of them have already started unofficially. The sooner you join, the sooner you reap those benefits.

If you've read Michael Crichton's The Andromeda Strain you know the value of pulling in knowledge from a variety of sources and experience. David Epstein's Range is a more thorough exploration of this valuable approach. This is why the selection process for Business Builder's Elite is thoughtful and deliberate. Your best value is in having members with a diverse range of knowledge and experiences.

Business Builder's Elite is designed to focus your efforts in a small group master mind and marketing efforts targetted to your specific business. At the same time, you have acess to the larger group so you can seek out diversity of knowledge and experience. Business Builder's Elite starts you with a foundational group and gives you the freedom to reshape the group to both fit and challenge your current business culture.

That you’ve made it this far is a good sign. You are clearly interested in building your business and you have congruence with the Cranium Ex Rectum – 100% Responsibility philosophy. Congratulations! 80% of success is showing up so you’re well on your way.

Now let’s have a look at filling in that all-important last 20%.

BBE Events

Year End Success Celebration - 16 December 2023

Always start with the end in mind, right? My goal is to guide every BBE member to at least double their business in 2023 while automating as much as possible.

This means being able to celebrate because you invest the time, energy, and cooperation to grow hand-in-hand with your fellow team members. You recognise the value of having mentors to model and mentors to talk to as you expand your audience and discover how to best be of service to your audience.

Celebrating pineapples

The event is virtual so we can celebrate with each other while being surrounded by our families.

2024 Goal Setting Conference - 4 to 15 December 2023

Habits can be your best friend or worst enemy. Make sure you stay on the BBE success track by building the habit of investing time and thought to plan your year. Winston Churchill once said “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” This is a man who sharpened his planning skills while leading the world to it’s greatest victory of the 20th century.

Jack Canfield graciously allows me to use several of his tools for goal setting and achievement. We walk through those tools during this multi-day virtual event as A-Team members drop in to answer questions and share their knowledge. Be sure to invite key members of your business team to attend this virtual event with you.

Business Builder’s Elite Summit - 20 to 30 August 2023

We are two-thirds of the way through the year at this point. It’s an ideal time to stop and sharpen the axe of your marketing and implementation plans. Lincoln is often quoted as saying “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

However, a phone call to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois (yes, an actual phone call) revealed it’s something Lincoln never said. We sometimes do the same thing as business owners. Our plan gets sidetracked by the mistaken beliefs of people around us. We need a time to get back on track, reinvigorate our energy, and immerse ourselves in the success mindset.

Summit sessions are lead by A-Team members. They interview BBE members on what they do and how they have grown their businesses so far in 2023. It is an opportunity for each Business Builder's Elite member to

  • Showcase their successes
  • Grow their list
  • Add prospects to their funnel

This is also an affiliate opportunity for all members. You earn 50% commission for each ticket you sell to this event.

Fundraising Tour - June 2023

Donations image

We're arranging a book tour covering 8 cities in 5 states for June 2023 from Florida to Virginia. We work together to ensure you have an effective presentation that draws in prospects and converts.

Every event is a hybrid of live and virtual presentation so people can attend beyond the room capacity, and from anywhere in the world. In addition, tour events are connected to a membership site so your presentation lives on long after the tour is complete.

Richmond, VA 

Raleigh, NC

Greensboro, NC

Charlotte, NC

Knoxville, TN

Atlanta, GA

Orlando, FL

Tampa, FL

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Friday, 9 June 2023

Tuesday, 13 June 2023

Friday, 16 June 2023

Tuesday, 20 June 2023

Friday, 23 June 2023

Tuesday, 27 June 2023

Thursday, 29 June 2023

Each event is a fundraiser for local charities that have had a hard time raising funds recently because of the pandemic. That means 60% of funds raised are being given to those local charities. It also means our primary effort is to provide value to attendees.

Fair Warning: Anyone who delivers more sales pitch than information will be immediately dropped from the program. It is my sole judgement that makes this decision so I am entirely willing to review your presentation with you before it is made.

Tour events are an affiliate opportunity, too. You earn 10% commission for every ticket you sell to a tour event.

Social Proof Events - February to May 2023

We are doing two weeks of publicity events in each of the tour cities. These events run from 5 Feb ’23 to 27 May ’23. They are short, guest speaker gigs at local service clubs (Rotary, Lions, etc.) where you can present on your specialist topic as a preview of the fundraising event. Social Proof events are limited to A-Team members only, and the opportunity to build relationships is priceless.

Part of this type of gig is having a meal with the club executive. The conversation during that meal is your opportunity to talk with the club executive about the fundraising event and their opportunity to promote it. We can discuss whether, and how, these events fit with your schedule.

BBE Kickoff Event - 16 December 2022

It makes good sense to kick off Business Builder's Elite with a dedication to making choices, taking action, and tracking success. We have just finished out Goal Setting Conference. Our plan is in hand, and we are about to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Let's send the year out with a resounding virtual bash to encourage each other while celebrating with our families!

BBE Goal Setting Conference - 5 to 15 December 2022

Now that we know our goal for Business Builder’s Elite in general, let’s gather virtually to invest time and thought so we’re in the best possible position to succeed. Although it is widely attributed to Benjamin Franklin, it was Winston Churchill who said “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” You see, success requires more than just throwing together a plan. It requires having, in scientific vernacular, an outside view on your plan. Your fellow team members can give you that outside view so your plan has the best chance of success.

Business Builder's Elite Benefits 

Master Mind Alliance

This is a monthly meeting of Business Builder’s Elite members in small groups of ten. It is the Master Mind described by Napoleon Hill: “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

A place where “if you are in tune with the master mind, we have significantly more positive energy available to us, a power that can be focused on our success.” As Jack Canfield says, the master mind “is the one concept high achievers reference most when they credit any one thing with helping them become successful.”

Image of a business mastermind

The groups are limited to ten members so everyone has an opportunity to share what they are doing and ask questions. Which means we need to add a private place where those same groups can connect weekly to discuss progress and plan next steps.

Private Facebook Group

To be sure everyone gets maximum benefit from the Master Mind and Business Builder’s Elite, there is a main Private Facebook Group and private sub-group for each Master Mind group. You can keep your Master Mind discussions limited to your group of 10 while networking with all the Business Builder’s Elite members in the larger group.

A Master Mind is best served by staying in touch between the monthly group meetings. A Private Facebook Group is a place where people can chat, share files, and collaborate. The idea is to have a place where we can chat with only each other. Even an assistant or VA sees only what you choose to share.

Automate Your Business

AI is a powerful tool and we put it to work in your business. From automating something as simple as Gmail to a process as complex as membership fulfillment, automating your business saves you money, frees up your time, and shows a professional face to your fans. I help you choose which things to automate and guide putting the processes into place.

My goal is for everyone to have their businesses as fully automated as possible by the end of 2023. This means employing an effective mix of free and paid tools. It's easy enough to do when you know how to do it, right? Yet it is incredibly difficult when you've never done it before. That's why we examine your business, and its unique position, to determine what can be automated and how best to do it.

Get Booked for Media Interviews

Image of a media interview

My VA books interviews for you with radio stations across the U.S. You start with smaller stations to “cut your teeth” and get accustomed to doing interviews. Then you graduate to larger market shows with hundreds of thousands of listeners, and specialty shows with millions of fans. Just one interview per day from Monday to Friday at a fee of $50 each totals $13,000.

The idea is to take the same approach Jack Canfield used when he started promoting Chicken Soup for the Soul. He did at least one media interview every day, and frequently did morning media tours (interviews in each time zone from 7am to 10am). You have the opportunity to do the same thing through 2023.

Media Training        

A natural question is "Why do I need media training?" After all, the interviewer asks all the questions, right? You just have to be prepared to answer them. Except that is a devastatingly wrong perception of how media works. Indeed, the last thing you or the interviewer wants is for the interviewer to be asking all the questions.

Interacting with media is your opportunity to display your Attractive Character. This has nothing to do with being attractive as in pretty, but it does have everything to do with being a character.

Image of media training group

I have been doing media interviews – on both sides of the mic – since 1999. There’s a lot more to doing an interview than just having a chat. Interviews require strategy and preparation. You learn how to answer the questions you want to answer no matter what the interviewer asks. Discover how to prompt listeners to visit your site for more information without seeming like a huckster.

Media training is a tough one to value. Normal pricing for media training is $5,000 for just one day of training. In this case, we do the advance training so you’re prepared for doing interviews (that's a day). Then we listen to your interviews so we can do more training (that's another day). And that continues until you demonstrate you can handle an interview well (at least one more day). My experience includes attending the National Institute of Broadcasting, performing at The Second City for five years, and being on both sides of the microphone or camera for 23 years.

Receive Author Status on My Websites

Author is a specific role on a WordPress website just like Editor or Administrator. Boost your SEO (and Google ranking) by publishing articles on the relevant sites and getting external links to your website. I have multiple websites, each with its separate subject focus, and will be arranging cross-posting opportunities among Business Builder’s Elite members with complimentary subject areas.

A natural thing is to wonder what value you get from being an author on someone else's site. After all, it's better to get a link from CNN or The New York Times, right? I agree those are good links. And when the time comes that you offer to write for them, you'll be glad to have a publishing history that gives them confidence in accepting your offer.

Free Copies of Updated Best Sellers

Business Builder's Elite members receive 50 free copies of each book:

  • Position. Power. Profit. The Shocking Truth About Using a Book to Grow Your Business
  • The Social Media B.O.G.: The Raw Truth on Using Social Media to Build Community, Encourage Loyalty, and Genuinely Increase Sales

You are welcome to sell them at retail or give them away as a means of building relationships.

Discounted Book Copies

Business Builder's Elite members receive Distributor Bulk Pricing (55% discount) on all books published by CERIOHS. 

It’s hard to say how much this is worth because everyone will handle it differently. You might give the books away as a relationship builder. Maybe you use it in a self-liquidating offer. Or you could sell it at retail. In every case, there is the value of the book plus the value it brings to your business. There’s no real way to calculate how much that is worth.

Place Your Ad on My Websites

Imagine being able to cross-promote your business across dozens of websites. We get your site ad produced, and I start the ball rolling by placing your ad on my relevant websites. Then we start the process of matching complimentary businesses for cross-promotion.

Be Cross-Promoted on Social Media

All Business Builder's Elite cross-promote each other on their social media throughout 2023. In addition, you receive social media promotion from Business Builder's Elite during each of the virtual and in-person events. This gives you continuous social media promotion throughout 2023.

Be Interviewed on Member Podcasts

I have three podcasts and am happy to interview you on the podcast that matches your business best. The same is true for othe Business Builder's Elite members. This brings you multiple interviews throughout the year. In addition, we'll do the research for you to arrange interviews with other podcasters from the Joint Venture Directory.

Guest Co-Host on My Podcast

  • Social Media: Cheap and Easy
  • PEP or POOP
  • The Marketing Spotlight

Which suits your business best? Be a Guest Co-Host for six episodes. Do a good job and it can be a recurring gig for you and your business. It’s also an opportunity for you to discover how easy it is to record and distribute a podcast. We also arrange co-hosting for those members who have their own podcast.

4 Guest Postings to Your Website

External links are as important to my SEO strategy as they are to yours. That’s why I’ll write 4 guest posts for your website. This, too, is an opportunity for Business Builder’s Elite members to cross-promote their content with complimentary sites. I’ll gladly coordinate the opportunities for posting content.

Expand into an Area Exclusive Model

Follow the most successful message delivery system in history. Train others to do what you do, and set them loose in their local area. It’s affiliate promotion on steroids. Now let’s be clear, this is a bonus precisely because there are some businesses that are a poor fit for the area exclusive model.

Are we a fit? Will Business Builder's Elite help you achieve your answers to the questions I posed?

When I first drafted this page there was a chart here that listed all the benefits and gave a value for each. Then I realised those values are actually costs to participate or have someone do those things for you. There is no way to calculate the real value to you and your business. No one can tell you how well your approach will work with your audience. That's why things such as A/B testing and site tracking exist.

Pay attention to YouTubers and listen to how often they ask for feedback on what viewers enjoy. Notice how often they say or do something odd, or controversial, as a way og getting viewers to engage by making comments. All of this is part of finding your voice and developing your Attractive Character. Some people find their voice, and their Attractive Character, quickly. There is no way to know how long it will take for you unless you have already invested time in exploring this area.